Did you know?
That all people,
In the world are connected~
Be it by the thread of love,
Or by the thread of death,
Everyone is connected,
By strings of fate~
Who are you~
Connected too~ ?

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(( Sorry to say guys but, This blog is going to be shut down / on permanent Hiatus from now on. I can’t keep up with all the muses and things. I will be taking 4 Muses over to my OC account to continue old RP’s that I favor, but that’s it. I would still love to RP with you guys. I love you all to death and from now on I’m over here. ))

Muse Help

(( Alright guys, Screw it- Imma make a Magi Blog- BUT I’m torn between Kougyoku and Yamraiha - I-If anyone would care to give an opinion on whom I could pull off better I’d love you so much ))



acloudwalker sent:

*giggles* you Mun-chan is merely amusing and adorable, not baka. Plus, Pisces and Gemini have similarities {besides their double sign thingy :D} it has been said that Pisces are an emotional Gemini and Gemini is an intellectual Pisces


"Ah~ She’s still rather silly if you ask me," He’s ignoring Mun’s glares. "Hmm~ I think she put me as one of the twin signs because of Milly and I but~ Her mind works like that—" A pause. "It’s like Ryuu-chii’s sign is the most deadly I think~"


(( … You dunce Shiro. Most of your stars have meaning behind them -mun cries- ))

|| Dragon’s Flames || OPEN RP

Ryuu was wandering like he always did when Vincent was in a ‘meeting' as he liked to call it to the others. Really, how many would end up with a slit throat after an hour if they pissed the mafiaso off too much? Ryuu really didn't give a damn who died or how- He just lived through the motions.

His feet scuffed on the pavement and he stopped when someone had run into him. “Hm…?” Golden hues flicked down at the other and he arched a brow nonchalantly  “Watch it kiddo.” He muttered, for once not in a bad mood.

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|| Eye for an eye || OPEN RP

Believe it or not, Shiro was actually trying his hardest to not steal a persons wallet, a ladies heart or anything he could take at the moment. But for the thief  who had been stealing since he was a teen- It was easier said than done.

And thus so, as he walked down the over crowded streets of Japan, he glanced at every persons face and how they dressed to pick the right target— Ah, Perfect 

With a little spring to his step, he hurried towards one person and accidentally bumped into them- Before they could fall backwards however, he had slipped an arm around their waist and smiled at them charmingly. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see where I was going," He said.

One hand dug into the persons pockets- He had learned to do it so they wouldn’t feel a thing- And he slipped the wallet into his pocket whilst they had their attention to him.

|| A little helping hand || OPEN RP

The large park was filled with a small crowd on the bright, sunny filled day - Children gathered around with their parents to watch the Magician perform in front of them, to see that magic and be happy and in bliss that it brought.

There was a small smile from Janette as the different colored stars, hearts and streams of light floated around her and danced among the breeze towards the crowd- Some where touched and burst out into colorful explosions of light from time to time- There was clapping and cheering for the blonde to do more and- With a quick wink and a smile she snapped her fingers and all of the stars, hears and streams vanished.

This caused pouts- Until there was suddenly a small display of fireworks above the crowd, exploding and cracking- While their attention was drawn, she had collapsed onto the bench- Having used so much magic in that- She pulled on her gloves quickly as the tips of her fingers turned a dark black-blue. She still smiled smally as people tipped her off in the small hat.

Multi-Coloured hues blinked up a little at the person whom looked like they wanted to say something to her- She was hoping they hadn’t noticed how worn she was. By now the crowd was pretty much gone.