Did you know?
That all people,
In the world are connected~
Be it by the thread of love,
Or by the thread of death,
Everyone is connected,
By strings of fate~
Who are you~
Connected too~ ?

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Evidence ||

"Victim is 23 years of age, Female," Asaki paused to look at the corpse on her table before speaking. "Broken bones and spine- possibly caused by the Unsub," She frowned as her gaze narrowed on the cold flesh of the poor girl. "No signs of sexual assault on the body or from lab tests." With that said the brunette clicked off the tape recorder and pursed her lips as she slipped it in her lab pocket. 

"Cause of death is blood loss to the extreme but there’s no way in hell something could drain her so fast and with no stab or bullet wounds." Asaki let out a huff of frustration as she looked over the body once more and then, her eyes caught something. "What the…" On closer inspection she could see two holes in the girl’s neck; right on the jugular vein. 

"Fuck me," She groaned as she shook her head and looked at the clock. "I must be getting tired," She uttered. She took a camera out of her other pocket along with a small ruler and photographed her find- the evidence.  Were they bite marks? The bruising around the edges suggested so. 

"Can’t be," She said again as she started to wheel the body back into storage across the hall and out of her area of work. It was the middle of the night and she decided to stay back, after all she had no where else to go and the last few bodies that came in were…odd, intriguing to her.

Asaki locked up the storage area for the dead girl and slipped off her bloodied gloves, throwing them in the bio-hazard bin on her way out of the place, she stripped out of the once sterile and now blood soaked lab clothes  an into her normal clothes. She double checked that she had the files of the girl, camera and recorder on her and in her bag before setting out to the hospital’s car park.

She slowed to a stop however, was she hearing things now? Or was she just paranoid from all of the dead and strange things she had been seeing lately?