Did you know?
That all people,
In the world are connected~
Be it by the thread of love,
Or by the thread of death,
Everyone is connected,
By strings of fate~
Who are you~
Connected too~ ?

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Lady Killer ||

A frown knitted on Asaki’s features as she carefully dug the knife in the ruby, red apple in her hands. She was being careful so as to not slice her thumb open from slipping her hand. Oops.


"Ah…damn." She watched red blood seep out of her thumb and she placed the apple and knife on her lap, looking up at the trees filled with various exotic fruits only found in this kingdom. She sucked the blood from her thumb in thought as she leaned back on the bench in thought.

She obviously wasn’t from the Kingdom, having just moved there a few days ago. She still needed to give some immigration things sorted with the government, kind- who ever was in charge. But, she could do that later. Asaki was tired and hungry and she just wanted to relax a little.


Well as much as you could with a slit thumb. The woman glanced up as she heard footsteps, she looked at the person for not even a second before looking at the trees and sky.